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    Here is a good video show you some tips you should know about when booking a place in Airbnb.

    Hi I'm James,

    I'm a big Airbnb fan I've been using it for a number of years to travel all around the world on the cheap!  As a bonus I get to meet a bunch of cool locals when I visited a tonne of new places.

    So what is Airbnb? Airbnb is basically a cheap alternative to hotels.  It’s especially good for backpackers and travellers on a budget that also want a local experience.  Because you are effectively renting out someone’s private apartment if you pick a good host you can get some really good local tips on what are the best things to do.

    You can get the best bang for your buck using Airbnb in cities like New York, London and Hong Kong where hotels are notoriously expensive.  It’s really a win win for the host and also guest as the host gets some extra side income where as the guest can save some money while still staying in a central location.
    Where you really end up on top is when you are travelling in a group.  Because you have to book more than one hotel room if you have a large group if you use Airbnb and find an apartment that can sleep 4-6 people then you are really laughing.

    So what are some of the negatives associated with booking with Airbnb?  I’ve used it twice and I’ve never had a problem at all.  If you google and search online you can find 1 or 2 nightmare stories but they usually are on the host side not the guest.  I.e. someone rented their apartment out to someone and they threw a party and messed up the place.  This is obviously not an ideal situation.

    But as a guest you are really protected provided you follow the following rules.  First of all always read the host reviews.  The great thing about Airbnb is that it’s a self-policing system.  If the host is bad it will get reflected in reviews and going forward it will influence the ability for that property to rank in Airbnb search results.  On top of that if you see 1 or two bad reviews that will result in less bookings for the host which will result in a drop in ranking.

    So the beauty of the system is that unscrupulous people are weeded out automatically.  The next thing you should know is price.  Have a look at least 10 properties and you will get a feeling for what is available and what the best deal you can get for yourself is.

    To use Airbnb logon to their website and search for the city you are interested in.  Then pick a property’s whose picture you like and scroll down to the bottom to read reviews on it.  Then after that you can really find out what the best deal is.  Good luck with your travelling!

    P.S. One last point is that if you need to get accommodation last minute, Airbnb has a help I’m stranded option which will find you the apartments around you which are available.  This is a really nifty function on their mobile application so if you land in a city without a place to stay you can find a cheap room rather than walking into a hotel and getting room as the rate will be really expensive.  Happy travels!